I grew up on the East Coast and my earliest weed dealers used to offer only two choices: Take it or leave it. I always chose “take it.” Nowadays I live in California and the modern marijuana retail experience offers so many strains, concentrates, edibles, topicals and delivery devices that it requires a concerted effort […]

Photography Provided By: Philip Wolf, Cultivating Spirits With the surge in cannabis consumption at a recreational level becoming increasingly more legal, it’s only fitting to explore cannabis and food pairings on a deeper level. Through some thoughtful research online I noticed that not many people were really having this conversation in a public forum. Sure, […]

You could always twist up a doobie and spark it up, but you’d be missing out on all of these other adventurous ways to consume cannabis. Being indecisive and discreet has never been so easy. Hungry? Try a Leif Medicinals Chai Latte Chocolate Bar. Thirsty? Try Magic Number’s Craft Brewed Ginger Beer. Prefer to vape? […]