COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio’s delays in selecting processors and giving cultivators the green light to grow plants appear to have pushed the availability of medical marijuana further past the Legislature’s Sept. 8 deadline. The Columbus Dispatch reports a meeting between the Medical Marijuana Council and an advisory board Thursday provided no answer about when […]

It is no longer a question whether Ohio will have medical marijuana available by Sept. 8, the time set in state law when the program must be “fully operational.” That ship has sailed, officials say, as delays continue. Now the question is when exactly the program will be up and running for patients to receive […]

With 61% of Americans supporting the legalization of cannabis, it’s no secret that people are curious about marijuana. They want to know how it works, ways to incorporate it into their lifestyle and how to use it without having an experience that’s overwhelming and unpleasant. Microdosing cannabis has been a steadily rising trend in the […]

At the Institute of Food Technologists conference in Chicago, attendees and presenters across the spectrum of food science, policy, regulation and manufacturing were buzzing about cannabis-based foods.  It’s just another sign of the marijuana market’s slow convergence with food — a blurring line that has spurred significant investment and acquisition in the beer space, as […]

The marijuana industry is currently booming, and there’s plenty of jobs available for people who want to work with cannabis. But considering the drug’s been illegal until relatively recently, most people never considered a job working with cannabis and therefore don’t have experience that could be applicable. But there are still plenty of jobs in […]

Load up your favorite ice cream with a THC twist and an extra cherry on top. Cheerfield’s Chocolate Sauce by Planted Sales Co. Unless you’re the kind of person (read: madman) who doesn’t like chocolate, then no sundae is complete without chocolate sauce. Planted Sales Co. delivers the goods with their distillate infused, 50mg THC […]

You may remember edibles from such episodes as “it’s not hitting me, I’m gonna take more,” followed by “the world is melting and I can’t separate my perceived anxiety from my tangible existence.” Edibles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for cannabis consumers, and have come a long way from DIY brownies that were basically […]