Just like endocannabinoids, hormones are biochemical messengers engaged with numerous parts of our physiology. Our development, behavior, sexual capacity, energy utilization, and mood are altogether influenced by hormones. Indeed, even our ability to assess the threat and elaborate a proper response relies on these compounds. These characteristic controllers are delivered by the endocrine system in […]

Alicia Bars, a gourmet granola bar company, is among the many startups using kitchen space in Fork Food Lab. Photo by James C. Hardman The phenomenon of food business incubators has been a boon to small startups, chefs hungry to test out a new service concept, and creative culinary ideas everywhere. And Fork Food Lab […]

Celebrity choreographer Laurieann Gibson, who’s worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Alicia Keys, and her adorable dog, Samson, are the first brand ambassadors for True Leaf Pet. True Leaf is the Lumby-based cannabis company that uses the CBD portion of the plant that doesn’t cause a high to make supplements, treats and […]

We’re fewer than five months away from the legalization of cannabis edibles. Companies are ramping up production, and we’ve seen various types of strategies deployed by marijuana companies looking to take advantage of this new segment of the market. There have been some high-profile partnerships and investments being made, particularly with beverage companies and marijuana […]

Praise be to all things hemp! Faithful friend of humanity since before the written word, a versatile source of food, fiber, fuel, and pharmacy, a plant with a patriotic pedigree prized by America’s Founding Fathers. After languishing for eight decades in the wilderness of marijuana prohibition, hemp is making a big comeback thanks in no […]