ATLANTA — Hundreds of physicians have signed up for Georgia’s one-year-old medical cannabis program. Good luck finding any of them. The name and location of doctors authorized to sign off on a patient’s eligibility to use cannabis oil are kept confidential. Lawmakers gave physicians that privacy amid concerns that people seeking cannabis treatments would shop […]

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and if this season’s marijuana-related books are any indication, the topic of weed—once alternative, now increasingly mainstream—is burning up. Forthcoming titles include user’s guides, cocktail recipe books, takes on the global legalization debate, and more, all of which aim to help readers enjoy, or at least contemplate, our new, greener […]

Cookies with a marijuana leaf printed on them are displayed during the 2016 Cannabis Business Summit Expo on June 22, 2016 in Oakland, California. (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Marijuana legalization in Colorado may have bought countless positive changes for the state, but there’s always a down side to it. After the state’s marijuana legalization, […]

Great strides continue to be made in the field of cannabis cuisine, with new underground THC-infused dinner series popping up everywhere, and a spate of cannabis cookbooks hitting the shelves this year. One self-taught chef who has worked very diligently to educate consumers is known as Jeff the 420 Chef, and his methods for cannabis […]

The U.S. job market has had its share of ups and downs lately, but in the budding U.S. marijuana industry, these are apparently high times on the employment front. A growing number of Americans are finding work in a multibillion-dollar industry that has been legally sanctioned — and only in some states — for less […]

Charlie Tierney, owner of Whipsaw Brewing, is photographed at the brewery in Ellensburg, Wash. on Tuesday, July 26, 2016. Tierney, who was a logger for 37 years, opened the business with his wife in February. (SHAWN GUST/Yakima Herald-Republic) … read more at:

(CBSNews) Smoking pot might harm your heart health and that of the people around you — perhaps even more than cigarettes, a new animal study suggests. Lab rats experienced a severe reduction in their blood vessel function after a minute’s exposure to secondhand smoke from either tobacco or marijuana, researchers said. But it took the rats three […]

Dear Mother, I’ve been prescribed medical cannabis, but I also have asthma and I really don’t want to smoke anything. I’ve heard a lot about edible forms but am at a loss as to where to start. What do you suggest? Thanks, Getting Hungry   Dear Friend, Edibles are a great way to get all of […]