The health benefits of both cannabis and coconut oil are remarkable. Coconut oil has a very high saturated fat content for a plant-derived oil, making it an ideal candidate for cannabis infusion that can create incredibly versatile product with all the benefits of both. Cannabis coconut oil can be applied in so many different ways […]

At one of the more crowded and rowdy side meetings of the 2016 Special Session of the United Nation General Assembly on the World Drug Problem (UNGASS), Martin Jelsma spoke on a panel discussing cannabis and the drug reform treaties of UNGASS. Jelsma, political scientist and director of the Drugs and Democracy Programme for the […]

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x Embed x Share The Rainbow Family is a loose affiliation of thousands of people who hold a national gathering every summer in the national forest. The tradition dates to 1972 and the inaugural gathering in Colorado. GLENN RUSSELL/FREE PRESS Buy Photo Jai Love of New Orleans, Louisiana parked his bus with others at the […]

Sheryl Julian for The Boston Globe Chef Tim Maslow in his Brookline restaurant Ribelle, which will close July 2. Sitting in his Brookline restaurant, Ribelle, before service, Tim Maslow looks happy and relieved. He has sold the place (he can’t say now to whom) and will serve his last dinner on July 2. The talented […]

When the average person first hears of ingesting cannabis to treat or put real ailments into remission, their first concern is typically, “How will it make me feel?” Most immediately revert to a past memory of eating an entire brownie, not remembering how the evening played out and swearing to never eat another. The brownie […]