Cooking with Cannabis

Making cannabis edibles isn’t as simple as throwing some herb into your favorite dish, it takes a bit of preparation and know-how. The first step is decarboxylating the cannabis, also known as decarbing. This process converts the THC-A in the bud into the psychoactive THC that stimulates the mind, body and soul. Some cannabis hobbyists […]


Marijuana restrictions in the United States have come down in recent years, and as of June 2016, all but 22 states have legalized marijuana in some form or another. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington have all legalized recreational use, as have Washington DC and a handful of cities. As cities, counties and states across the […]


LOS ANGELES: Christopher Sayegh holds up two syringes filled with cannabis compound, primed to pump tiny amounts into a pomegranate sorbet, or a juicy cut of Wagyu Japanese beef as part of a bold new sensory experiment. As more US states move to legalize the use of recreational marijuana, the California chef is aiming to […]

A new cannabis-themed website,, has launched a fun digital series called Baked: Cooking with Mary Jean. In this new series, Mary Jean Dunsdon, Canada’s favorite pin-up model and cannabis expert, creates delicious recipes using cannabis. As a stand-up comedian and well-known cannabis activist, Dunsdon uses her cannabis knowledge with a little bit of humor […]

Since Colorado voters approved a constitutional amendment legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana in 2012, the entire country has watched to see what ramifications the move would have on the state’s culture, economics, and tourism. Two years into the experiment the results are clear: Pot tourism is booming in Colorado. 16.4 million people visited the […]