Make this cannabis sleepytime tea when you want some solid zzz’s

One of the more commonly reported reasons to use cannabis is to fall asleep. Many non-recreational smokers own up to a toke or two before hitting the pillow to help wind down, and I think anyone would be stoked on more sleep.

As a lifelong night owl, I’ve tried everything to help catch zzzs on demand when my schedule demands it, and one thing that always helps, besides cannabis, is tea.

Don’t use any old tea to try to help you sleep — caffeine may not hold you up from falling asleep if you’re going to bed immediately — but if you wake up, you will be alert and likely sorry. Mint teas, hops teas, chamomile, and other herbs are naturally relaxing, so why not make your own tea blend that uses precisely the flavors you enjoy with the dose of THC you may have been having anyway?

DIY​ ​Sleepy​ ​Eyes​ ​Tea

Blend makes

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