Vaper Beware | The Week in Weed

Shortly before the Journal went to press Sept. 10, news broke that the nation had recorded its sixth death from a mysterious outbreak of lung disease related to vaping or e-cigarette use that has resulted in at least 450 cases spread across 33 states. The rash of illnesses and hospitalizations have vexed health officials and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control have now launched a full-scale investigation.

Those who have fallen ill have reported using either e-cigarettes, cannabis vaping cartridges or both in the weeks or days prior to the onset of symptoms, spurring increasing doubt that the practice of inhaling steam loaded with compounds and chemicals should be considered a “healthier” alternative to smoking.

The California Department of Public Health is investigating approximately 60 cases of acute lung disease related to vaping, saying most involve patients who had recently vaped cannabis products. Some of those products

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