Cannabis commercialism is booming

davide ragusa/Unsplash

In California, where cannabis is recreationally legal, there are cannabis ads all around. The billboards along the highway proudly display weed delivery and dispensary signs.

This is a testament to the pulse of society’s climate.

When it comes to cannabis, this is where California is at and it’s a beautiful thing.

Thanks to capitalism, people can use their purchasing power to decide where the collective energy of the world flows. From my observations, it’s currently getting concentrated in cannabis.

Even in New Jersey, the somewhat conservative land where I’m originally from, CBD products are starting to pop up at pharmacies and on their advertisements.

People are starting to tap into the powerful healing and medicinal properties of cannabis. And companies are proudly marketing it in order to allure more people to tap in, as well.

This is just the beginning. I have mentioned

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