Pint and Plate: The Sauce Boss and Pastry Queen Craft Damn Good Eats in Ro-Po

What comes to mind when I say “Hot Sauce?” Sriracha and Cholula? What about when I say “Bread?” That moldy loaf that’s sitting on top of your fridge? Yeah right, push those clowns aside because I’m talking about the real deal. Sauce and Bread Kitchen (SBK) is located at 6338 N. Clark St. — a very quick bus ride from campus taking the 36, 151 or 155 CTA bus line — has hot sauce and baked goods made locally in Rogers Park. Local Midwestern ingredients, superb craftsmanship and collaborating with other small Chicago businesses all make SBK a Rogers Park must-try.

Mike Bancroft and Anne Kostroski are the owners of SBK, a collaboration of Mike’s hot sauce company Co-Op Sauce and Anne’s baking business Crumb Bread. Both chefs started out selling their products at farmers markets in Chicago. When Mike and Anne began dating, they realized they could join their

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