5 U.S. Lounges Where You Can Smoke Weed (Legally)

Envision this: You’re at a bar, but the energy is decidedly relaxed—even a bit posh. Instead of throwing back shots, you’re sharing a vape pen or tasting a cannabis confection from a local bakery. There’s trivia night going on in one corner, in the same area of the lounge where comedy night was happening last week. You can ask a cannabis aficionado (or “budtender”) about a new type of flower at the counter, or even order table service (complete with rolling papers) from your prereserved booth.

Marijuana prohibition’s slow but promising lift is making room for a wave of such public cannabis consumption spaces, known as “social consumption lounges” (SCLs). As of now, there are very few spots open for business in this category, but the trend will explode in the coming months and years. Plans are in the works for many lounges to open between late 2019 and early 2020,

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