Cannabis and Cuisine with SENSI | Food

Combining cannabis with cuisine is an age-old technique which is currently making a comeback in the world of gourmet cooking. Celebrity chef Oji Jaja took Food on a herbal journey earlier this week as we dined in fine style at Cannabis Cuisine hosted by Marigold Projects Jamaica Limited and Sensi Medical Cannabis House at the Pulse Centre. The elegant affair was situated in front of the Peter Tosh museum as a tribute to the legend who was an advocate for the decriminalisation of marijuana.

The warm summer’s night was filled with excitement as guests waited for the highly anticipated cannabis-infused dishes prepared by Jaja’s catering company, Ashebre. With strings of lights illuminating the elegantly rustic decor, guests were transported to a chic wooden wonderland adorned with driftwood, succulents and pops of yellow which created a homely environment.

First time working with cannabis

Managing director of Marigold Projects Jamaica Ltd, Lloyd Tomlinson,

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