Thailand rolling out its legal weed wares | Article

Still unwilling to allow the public to get zonked or profit from recreational marijuana, Thailand has instead produced its first pharmaceutical THC and CBD oils, tablets, oral sprays, chocolate wafers and traditional potions after recently legalizing medical cannabis.

This first line of weed-based products puts Thailand on the cutting edge of Southeast Asia’s nascent legal marijuana industry, a potentially lucrative first mover advantage if allowed to flourish at the nation’s agrarian grass roots.

If recreational marijuana is eventually legalized and freely grown, it would create new profit opportunities for Thai farmers at home and abroad, possibly bigger than traditional rice, sugar cane and tapioca crops.

The Thai government organized a visit for journalists on August 2 to Rangsit University’s new, sparsely equipped Medical Cannabis Research Institute in the College of Pharmacy to proudly display their first locally made marijuana products.

University staff unlocked a gray metal safe and revealed 40 kilograms of dried marijuana

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