It Appears Consumers Preferences are Shaping the Retail Cannabis Market’s Direction

PALM BEACH, Florida, Aug. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The rise of the cannabis market is being driven by consumer acceptance and demand. Consumers are not just eating cannabis up, but they are also drinking, vaping, dabbing, smoking — and the list goes on. It’s been said that consumers are calling the shots and creating the direction that the markets will go in the future. Consumers are becoming more educated and are seeking retail cannabis products with a wide variety of products and of high quality. Increasing social consumer acceptance of cannabis products is driving up the value of cannabis derived/infused products. According to a recent industry report there are four major submarkets: Flower; Edibles; Concentrates; and Other. In 2017 Flower revenues were $4.2 Billion and were 50% of the market. By 2022 it is estimated to be a $10.5 Billion while shrinking

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