In high-stakes world of pot edibles, cannabis companies aim to start small

Keith Dolo, CEO of Sproutly Canada Inc., says producers in this country may have been too optimistic in their estimates of the numbers and varieties of edibles they’d be able to offer on day one.

“I think the issue with the whole industry is that people have over-promised not only what they were going to do on the (combustibles) side but also what they thought they could potentially produce on the edibles side,” says Dolo, whose company is one of the country’s largest licensed producers.

“I think there’s a lot more companies taking a more cautious approach to it, looking to put out only a couple of products on the shelf now and see how they do before going gangbusters with 30 to 40 different products,” he says.

Dolo says regulatory restrictions will help to limit product lines to begin with as producers seek Health Canada approvals for their wares.

But he also agrees

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