Is 710 the new 420? A growing holiday in cannabis

“Are you ready to 710 this year?” read an automated text message I received yesterday from a local dispensary.

Then another. “Celebrate the new holiday with us!” it urged.

A few hours later, one more.

“7/10 holiday deal! Concentrates and cartridges on sale all day long!”

Today, the messages kept coming—and for a hyped-up holiday I had never even heard of before. I’m willing to out myself as totally clueless in order to answer some questions for those of you who are also clueless about the origins of 710 and how to best celebrate it.

What is 710?

Celebrated on July 10, it’s a relatively new holiday in which the cannabis community celebrates dabbing and concentrates. Viewed upside-down, the numbers “710” look like the word “OIL,” which is where the name came from. Hash “oil” is simply another term for potent forms of extracted marijuana like wax, dabs,

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