How to Cook Lobster with Cannabis – Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound

Last December, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released undercover video from inside the Maine Fair Trade Lobster processing plant in Gouldsboro, showing workers dismembering lobsters that remained alive throughout the process. (PETA made similar claims, after releasing footage, against Sea Hag Seafood in Tenants Harbor and Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster in Rockland in recent years. Both of those facilities are now closed.) The group also rebooted a high-visibility ad campaign in the Portland and Bangor airports to discourage people from eating lobster — “I’m ME, Not MEAT,” the posters proclaimed. Meanwhile, in landlocked, reluctant-to-take-sides Switzerland, the national government made headlines last year for banning the boiling of live lobsters without stunning them first.

Of course, whether or not lobsters care what we do to them is an open question. A recent Popular Science headline neatly summed

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