Chef Gigi Diaz serves up ‘Mexicated’ cannabis-infused cuisine

Imagine yourself having a leisurely meal of cannabis-infused offerings. Each plate offers a low-dose delight that is a sensual treat, as well as a cannabinoid receptor stimulant. The strain of cannabis is celebrated with foods that match its flavors, as well as a bit of the bud or a few dabs of the same in a seamlessly coordinated culinary experience.

Chef Gigi Diaz, executive chef for Cannabis Concepts and 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan Top Chef, could serve that up for you. Diaz seems to do it all with her catering, event planning, aesthetician, infusing business.

“I host different dinners, private dinner parties, cooking demos, things of that nature,” she says. “I do different pop-ups as well as five-course gourmet dinners when I host my monthly private events. I do cooking demonstrations. People can hire me to come to their home to do cooking classes, catering, that type of thing.”

Diaz is

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