The Evergreen Market Hits the Max Allowed Washington Cannabis Retail Locations with Bellevue Acquisition


The Eastside is being painted evergreen as cannabis retailer The Evergreen Market takes over the former Belmar location at 638 116th Avenue NE in Bellevue. With the torch being passed to retail titan The Evergreen Market, Bellevue cannabis customers will be able to pick up right where they left off, even using the Belmar loyalty points they accumulated before the shop closed down.

After years without the ability to use their Bellevue license, closing this deal was a monumental relief for The Evergreen Market founders Eric Gaston, Jeff Anderson, and Arne Nelson. It meant there was finally a location available that fit within zoning laws for 502 retail stores – something that was not proving to be easy to find. The story really begins with the fact that there were more

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