Hunter S. Thompson Ran for Sheriff on a ‘Free Weed’ Platform—And Almost Won

Santa Cruz, California is a small town about 70 miles south of San Francisco best known for its killer cold-water surf break, the quality of the local cannabis, and a University of California campus with a longstanding counterculture reputation.

Since 2008, UC Santa Cruz has been home to the official Grateful Dead archives (donated by the band). And now the Special Collections department at UCSC’s McHenry Library hosts a new archive of rare materials related to legendary Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

The Hunter Thompson archive was donated by Eric Shoaf, dean of the academic library at Queens University in Charlotte. Shoaf amassed his collection while compiling Gonzology, an HST bibliography that he published last year. Anyone who’s interested can simply show up at McHenry Library during operating hours and make a request to see anything in the collection. (While

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