CBD Cocktails and Coffee at the Sylvester in Miami

Ben Potts is no stranger to experimentation when it comes to his cocktails. The Beaker Gray co-owner has always used a healthy dose of elixirs and botanicals in his recipes.

So it stands to reason that Potts is embracing CBD as an ingredient at the Sylvester, his new project with Beaker Gray partner/chef Brian Nasajon. Potts describes it as a beverage bar that takes equal care in its alcoholic and nonalcoholic potables. The place will serve everything from cocktails to kombucha and coffee when it opens April 23.

CBD (cannabidiol), a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis flower, will be offered at the Midtown Miami bar as an additive in all of its beverages, alcoholic and nonalcoholic. Potts says of deciding to make CBD available at his new establishment: “I think of CBD as a health supplement, and it seems to be one that’s pretty nonreactive with other substances.”