What Does 4/20 Mean to You? We Asked 12 Cannabis Leaders

1. How Do You Celebrate 4/20 (or 4:20)?

(Leafly/Courtesy of Dee Dussault)
(Leafly/Courtesy of Dee Dussault)

I get high. But since I get high every day, that’s not all that special, is it? But this time, I get high and really THINK about cannabis. How far we’ve come with legalization and normalization. How far we have yet to go. I let gratitude for the plant be a big part of my day.
Dee Dussault, author, Ganja Yoga

Before legalization it was a time to feel free and fully into the culture. Things have changed since legalization, but the culture still thrives.

Amanda Reiman, vice president, community relations, Flow Kana

I usually celebrate 4/20 by starting off with a fun wake and bake!

Jeff the 420 Chef, author, The Ganja Gourmet

For the last 14 years

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