Kaya Fest 2019: Not just another joint session of Marley Brothers on 4-20

When Stephen Marley hosted his inaugural Kaya Fest in Miami on April 20, 2017, recreational marijuana sales were still illegal in California, you couldn’t get an infusion of cannabidiol oil from your neighborhood barista and no one at Fort Lauderdale’s upscale TRP Taste had thought of having a demonstration dinner called “Cooking with CBD,” which is a sell-out this week.

While he is pleased that society and local governments have finally gotten wise to what he has been preaching for years about the various virtues of the cannabis plant, Marley is not letting up on his campaign to educate.

On Saturday, April 20, Bob Marley’s second-born son will host his second Miami edition of Kaya Fest, after taking the festival to Los Angeles in 2018 to honor California’s legalization of recreational marijuana. Ten states have legalized recreational use of marijuana. Not among them is Florida, which recently approved medical

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