Tennessee’s medical marijuana bill, dead until 2020, would’ve OK’d vapes and edibles, but not joints


All bills concerning medical marijuana will not be moving forward this session in the Tennessee General Assembly.
Nashville Tennessean

Lawmakers this week abandoned a plan to introduce a sweeping proposal to legalize and regulate medical marijuana throughout Tennessee.

Sen. Steve Dickerson,R-Nashville, one of the state’s strongest voices for medical marijuana, said Wednesday that the proposal did not have enough support to pass, so advocates were delaying bills on the topic until next year.

But before making that decision, Dickerson was poised to introduce a legislative amendment that would have allowed people with severe illnesses to legally buy pot from licensed dispensaries as soon as next summer. 

That amendment, obtained by the USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee, is 68 pages long, so it can be hard to understand if you aren’t a politician or a

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