Arizona Supreme Court Justices Appear to Favor Medical-Marijuana Extracts

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Through their questioning, most justices appeared to agree with the broader interpretation of the 2010 law presented by Robert Mandel, representing the petitioner, rather than the stricter interpretation offered by Benjamin Kreutzberg, representing Yavapai County, whose county attorney, Sheila Polk, is notoriously harsh on marijuana.

The 2010 law indeed covered resin, because in order for the therapeutic elements of marijuana to be accessible to a patient, resin has to be extracted from the plant one way or another, Mandel told justices.

Even in baking a pot brownie, the resin would not emerge from the flower unless baked to a certain temperature, Mandel explained in an effort to demonstrate his point. Otherwise, “you’re never going to be able to access the cannabinoids,” he said, referring to the active chemical compounds in marijuana.

“Now I know exactly how to do this,” Justice Ann A. Scott Timmer responded jokingly, eliciting laughter

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