Sundae School: Luxury Cannabis Success, And Humility

photographer is Jin Woo Park (@marigatoe) and Art Director is Seung Jun Lee (@advvventure).Photo Courtesy: Sundae School

Dae Lim, co-founder CEO

Five Questions about Sundae School, growing up in-between South Korea, and the United States.

World-Class cannabis, richly textured and studied success, all tempered by deep humility and a history far greater than anyone here (meaning the USA), would even comprehend, nor understand. Let me share with you, I was immediately taken by Dae Lim. So self assured, highly polished yet approachable and peacefully humble. This quietly handsome, soft-spoken young man, the kind who is filled with tons of self-confidence, but not filled with himself…He is clearly on the path to success. But certainly not in any manner of aggression, nor boastfulness. No, this young man clearly had been schooled in the lost art of humility, the kind that really cannot be

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