Alto Essentials Makes Infused Products for Everyday Use

Think of the garnishes used by an elegant chef—they’re concentrated accent marks: edible flowers, foraged greens and herbs, perfect-circle portions of mystifying morsels. More traditional chefs, novice or professional, give dishes a bit of a humbler finish: a couple dashes of EVOO, a few sprinkles of salt or, if it’s something sweet, a dab of honey.

The dishes, if they’re a familiar or familial recipe, provide a euphoric feeling—one that invokes a sense of place, happiness and simple pleasure. But, what if that feeling came from something else—something you can’t quite taste but you can certainly feel. Imagine if the aforementioned basics were infused with precise, micro-dosed amounts of THC distillate.

Jonah Reider, who wholeheartedly feels he’s just “somebody who loves food,” wants to make micro-dosing a habit that kitchens can harbor. His dinner series, Pith, is widely regarded. Now, the new cannabis-infused line of essentials he’s co-founded, Alto Essentials,

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