Processor green light means Ohio medical marijuana patients should see more products

More patients are having the kind of conversation Jerry Gill, of Goshen, recently had with Dr. Tim Thress.

“This is your treatment plan,” Thress told Gill during an appointment at an Ohio Marijuana Card office in Sharonville. “There’s different ways to get marijuana in your body, and they don’t want you smoking it. They would rather have you vape it. (With) vaping, you feel it in one to five minutes, and it lasts for about three hours.”

Thress recommended Gill use cannabis for chronic pain. It’s a recommendation Thress has made repeatedly to people who may not be familiar with what Thress calls the benefits of marijuana.

“Some people have, you know, they smoked it when they were a teenager and haven’t touched it in 50 years,” Thress said. “They really don’t know much about it.”

Currently, flowering buds are the only kind of marijuana patients in Ohio

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