Amazon May Sell Marijuana Sooner Than Expected

The marijuana industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Back in 1995, a mere 25% of all respondents in Gallup’s annual survey were in favor of legalizing marijuana, and not a single U.S. state or country around the world had given the green light to cannabis.

Today, two-thirds of all respondents in Gallup’s annual survey now favor the legalization of pot in the U.S., with 33 U.S. states having legalized the drug for medical purposes, and 10 allowing adult consumption. There are also two countries (Canada and Uruguay) worldwide to OK recreational weed, with more than two dozen medically legal countries.

As the industry evolves, so must the companies that operate within it and around it.

Image source: Getty Images.

Traditional and nontraditional cannabis players are evolving with the cannabis industry

For instance, dried cannabis flower has often been viewed as the most popular product of the cannabis revolution. But it’s

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