Food Safety in Today’s Edibles

By Lisa Lupo

Cockroaches are common pests and can potentially be found just about anywhere food, warmth and moisture are available. But are they a problem or just a nuisance? How do they get into food facilities? How much do you really know — or need to know — about cockroaches? Test your knowledge.


  1. Cockroaches are just a nuisance pest.
  2. I haven’t seen any cockroaches in my facility, so that means there aren’t any.
  3. Even if cockroaches are living in cracks and behind walls, they won’t be a problem for my food production.
  4. One cockroach won’t cause an inspector to cite me.
  5. German cockroaches usually live outdoors and enter structures through open doors and gaps.
  6. Cockroaches can get into food facilities through drains.
  7. The larger the cockroach, the greater the problem.
  8. If I keep my plant clean, I will never have a problem with cockroaches.
  9. The number one way that German

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