Anthony Gismondi: What will 2019 bring for the wine world?

Today we look ahead to the year in wine, and 2019 begins with a promised B.C. government inquiry into its highly questionable position as buyer, seller and regulator of the liquor market.

The challenge is that the market is so artificial and the field so tilted in the favour of government, it’s difficult to believe anything useful will come out of yet another investigation, independent or not, unless the outcome is a complete reset. Don’t hold your breath.

The constant manipulation of wine prices has beat down even the most seasoned of distributors, restaurateurs and consumers, leaving British Columbians to routinely pay far more for less than most of the rest of the country — or continent for that matter — when it comes to alcohol.

Interestingly, while we continue to debate how limiting and disruptive B.C. liquor regulations have become, it would appear the same flawed model is in place to sell

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