How to Make Weed-Infused Brown Butter

It’s Election Day in America, which means you should do two things. First, and most importantly, vote (find your local polling place here); and second, gird yourself for a day of anxiety while you wait on results. How about some weed butter?

Cannabis legalization in some form is specifically on the ballot in four states—Michigan, North Dakota, Utah, and Missouri—while nine others have already gone completely green in previous elections. What better way, then, to stand in solidarity (and calm your nerves) than to incorporate a couple of beloved vices into one? Best of all, this just takes a little melting and stirring before you can add it to your favorite foods.

The recipe comes courtesy of Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed, one of our favorite cookbooks of the year, and the perfect blend of mouthwatering food photography and serious stoner science that’ll have you discovering creative ways to enjoy your new preferred

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