Trina Fraser on cannabis pardons, homemade edibles and micro licenses

Today, we’re discussing some of the realities and misconceptions about cannabis legalization with Trina Fraser, one of the leading lawyers in the Canadian cannabis industry.

Two weeks have passed since cannabis got legalized in Canada, and people are not thrilled. Not one bit.

Sure, it’s nice that cannabis is legal, but what good is legal cannabis if you can’t access it. Stores sold out what they had in stocks in a matter of days, sometimes hours.

The OCS had over 150,000 orders in the first day and people are still waiting on the cannabis they ordered more than 10 days ago.

Also, people have lots of questions. What happens if you get caught with weed? Do you need to show a receipt?

What about homemade edibles? Are you even allowed to make food and drinks with cannabis?

To answer that, and a few other questions today we have Trina Fraser from Brazeau Seller law

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