Find Bliss With These Flavorful Recipes for Cooking With Cannabis

Here in Texas we’ve got to road-trip up to Colorado (or fly to Los Angeles) to sample the new breed of edibles — gummies, truffles, olive oils and beverages — but best to leave anything uneaten at the border.

Bhattacharya and her team feel your pain, and know that most states don’t have access to THC infused products, so they devoted a whole section on how to infuse oil, butter, milk, syrup and alcohol with cannabis. These gourmet infusions form the framework for most of the recipes, though they do include some that call for hash or the marijuana flower.

“If you live in a legal state you can purchase cannabis olive oil, you can add it to dishes,” says Bhattacharya. “We wanted the vast majority, for states where it’s not legal, to have access to these infusions.”

Left: Yogurt-marinated lamb, 5.2 mg of THC per serving. Reprinted with permission<p data-recalc-dims=... read more at: