Recipes: 3 Cannabis-Infused Treats for Your 19+ Halloween Party

With Halloween right around the corner, we couldn’t help drumming up some Halloween-themed cannabis treats for your next haunted bash. From CBD-spiked cider to low-dose roasted pumpkin seeds, these adults-only seasonal snacks are as uplifting as they are delicious.

Disclaimer: These treats are not intended for children and should only make an appearance at 19+ Halloween celebrations. Keep little hands away from edibles with this lockable edibles storage box or small child-proof storage containers, and always label cannabis-infused foods so adults don’t make a mistake, either.

Chilled Apple Cider with CBD Simple Syrup


Inspired by Taste and Tell, this cold apple cider punch is both refreshing and soothing thanks to the addition of our CBD-infused simple syrup.

Start to finish: 1 hour 20 minutes (active: 20 minutes)

Yields: 12 eight-ounce servings

Approximate dosage: 10mg CBD per

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