LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Residents make voices heard on recreational marijuana in Newton

Misleading Title

I was dismayed to read the title to my letter to the editor in last week’s edition of the Tab. My letter specifically urged people to oppose the ban on retail cannabis shops. However, the title to the letter reads “Banning Retail Marijuana Shops”, which leads the reader to assume that the letter supports the ban. To be abundantly clear- I oppose the ban on retail cannabis shops.

My letter is currently posted on the No Ban Newton FaceBook page with the more accurate title, “Regulate, Don’t Ban”. I urge readers to go to the No Ban Newton FaceBook page to read my letter with a title that reflects its content.

Live and learn. I will be more careful in the future about including a title that reflects the position that I hold on an issue when I write a letter to the editor.

Jane Frantz


Vote to opt out


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