Stillwater runs deep in the market for cannabinoid ingredients

CHICAGO — Nine states and the District of Columbia allow recreational marijuana, while 30 allow it for medical use. And on Oct. 17, recreational marijuana will become legal in Canada.

The legalization is fueling innovation in the edibles market, which once was mostly limited to brownies and gummies. To make edibles, formulators, chefs and bakers often use cannabis extracts, which make it difficult to ensure quality product with a consistent dose of functional compounds.

One of those compounds is tetrahydrocannabinol (T.H.C.), which is the chemical responsible for most of cannabis’ psychological effects. The other is cannabidiol (C.B.D.), the non-psychoactive cannabis compound with medical benefits, including providing relief from anxiety, inflammation and seizures.

Food Business News spoke with Justin Singer, chief executive officer of Stillwater Foods, Commerce City, Colo., about the challenges and opportunities of being an early-mover in the market.

Mr. Singer founded the company in 2014 and today operates two divisions. Stillwater Brands

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