Cannabis cocktails will be in the mix — albeit not legally — after Oct. 17

That isn’t stopping the hospitality industry from looking for creative workarounds, however, including the launch of products and events designed to get consumers “interested” in the possibility of mixing cannabis and alcohol. This past year saw several events in Toronto that broached this territory, including a cannabis expo that showcased weed-inspired cocktails and a five-course dinner that paired dishes with cannabis terpenes — essential oils that contain the aroma of specific weed strains. Since cannabis was still illegal at the time, guests didn’t consume any cannabis, they just smelled the terpenes from vials that were passed around. After the legislation takes effect, events such as these will inevitably become more hands-on, offering people a chance to sample actual cannabis — as in the get-you-high kind, with all the active ingredients.

“I think what you’re going to see, as of October 17, is an explosion of cannabis events, all of which

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