Portland wants pot shops out of neighborhoods

Ben Brooks, 19, of Windham fills out paperwork before making medical marijuana purchases at Ganja Candy Factory, which opened its doors in a mixed-use industrial park near the Riverside Golf Course earlier this year. DEREK DAVIS/Portland Press Herald

Portland is developing rules to try to keep medical marijuana shops, including high-volume home operations, out of residential areas.

It is part of the city’s effort to decide how to regulate marijuana operations in the wake of new laws that expand opportunities for people who make a living in medical marijuana, especially Maine’s network of 3,000 licensed caregivers. The laws also affect those eager to jump into the new recreational market, which is expected to go live in late 2019.

City Manager Jon Jennings likened the city’s developing marijuana policy to its position on short-term rentals and sober houses.

“They will have a place, but

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