Baking Soda: Cannabis Drinks Grow in Popularity, Give Patients More Options

While they’re not a huge part of the market, cannabis beverages do play an important role in bringing more consumers into the market.

Many people who have just begun using cannabis for the first time (“recent adopters” as Lukas calls them) often choose products familiar to them, Lukas said.

Because smoking may not be a part of many new patients’ lives, having a variety of edibles to choose from, from baked goods to gummies to sodas, gives them more options for introducing cannabis into their lives.

That’s what Jade Tadvick, co-founder and president of Sir Newton’s, had in mind when his company began making sodas.

“It’s a way to medicate more socially than a typical edible,” Tadvick said.

He envisions patients who don’t want to drink alcohol bringing a six-pack of Sir Newton’s sodas to a party.

Much of the idea behind Sir Newton’s came with health in mind. Tadvick thought

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