The Bombshell Chef – Mat

She’s the bomb, alright … the Bombshell Chef as she calls herself.

She blasted her way to a victory in this year’s Press Picks Best Chef category with a landslide win leaving the competition in the dust by more than 200 votes.

“I just cannot believe it,” said Michelle Larissa, the owner of Bombshell Bites who sings to her customers as she serves them. “And I haven’t been working in a commercial kitchen for more than a year,” she added with a sincere mix of humility and gratitude that the loyalty of her customers who partake of her made-at-home edibles and soups voted in mass for her.

The former Orso’s chef who also worked several seasons as a pastry chef at the Grande Denali Lodge has a brain condition called Chiari Malformation that often causes her to lose her vision and the functioning of her hands.

Approximately seven millimeters of her cerebellum presses down

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