5 Cannabis Beverages to Keep You High-Drated | Bay Area Bites …

There’s an easy synergy of flavors from and between cannabis and hops, which is why Lagunitas and AbsoluteXtracts partnered last year on their one-off SuperCritical ale release. It was like Freaky Friday: Lagunitas brewed an IPA with cannabis terpenes (the aromatic compounds), and ABX released a cannabis vape cartridge with hop terpenes (which is still available).

In the case of Hi-Fi Hops, the hoppy palate is light and clean, fizzy like a LaCroix, and a little lemony and dry, like a tonic—it’s a lot like drinking a shandy. What’s remarkable about this faux beer is that it’s carb-free and has zero calories, so there’s no beer bloat, but it certainly has its own kind of buzz. It comes on quickly—I started feeling a little pleasantly fizzy in my head after 10 minutes of drinking the 5mg version. Hi-Fi Hops has turned out to be a tremendous hit, and, just a

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