Legal cannabis is coming soon to Louisiana

BATON ROUGE- Marijuana is still illegal with the federal government but, Louisiana now joins many other states to legalize it themselves. However, the final product they make won’t be getting anyone high.

John Davis, the Executive Director for Baton Rouge’s GB Sciences, showed WBRZ the fully functioning marijuana grow house in south Baton Rouge. He says there will be 100 to 150 plants.

“We control the entire environment; we are mother nature in here. From when its night and day to the temperature the humidity to the nutrients we provide the plants,” said Davis

No tax dollars were put into this facility. It’s all private investment regulated by the state and overseen by the LSU Ag center. The first crop will be ready by November and then processed on site into the non-intoxicating CBD oil. Then it’ll be available for a handful of ailments by prescription.

Louisiana state law only allows LSU and Southern University Ag

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