This Caffeine-Free Drink Legit Makes My 3 pm Slump Disappear

I stopped drinking caffeine a number of years ago after realizing how much it stoked my anxiety, and my transition away from the drug (and yes, it is a drug, per the FDA) has been relatively painless—save for the near-debilitating slump I experience around 3 p.m. daily. Initially, I reached for sweets to give me a quick pick-me-up, but while the sugar worked briefly, it left me feeling even more tired and rather hangry (apologies to anyone who was trapped in a meeting with me) before the day was over.

After experimenting with a few different options (chlorophyll water, which felt healthy but didn’t have the energizing effects I wanted; an apple and almond butter, which energized me quite a bit but also messed with my digestion), I started playing around with CBD chocolate latte.

If you’re not familiar with CBD, it’s a compound found in cannabis or

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