Five Drink Recipes For A Cocktail Party

cocktail party

I love a good cocktail party. Especially ones that give me the opportunity to take my guest’s palates to another level. 

This little cocktail party served notice that great mixed drinks don’t have Fireball or Tito’s (the big, popular brand names) in them. Far from. They take great parts and incredible hand-made, craft spirits and bring these liquid driven adventures truly to a higher place. 

I was given a bottle of Martinique Blue Cane Rhum Agricole recently and I couldn’t think of a nicer way to serve it than with Royal Rose Simple Syrup of Cardamom and Clove and a bit of seltzer water with a couple drops of lemon bitters. Try the Fee Brothers Lemon Bitters. They are built on a glycerin base for a touch more richness. 

Just over on Mt.

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