How Lossless Cannabis Activation Allows Users To Access All Of A Strain’s Properties

Earlier this year, Benzinga published an article looking into ways of consuming cannabis that didn’t involve smoking. such as vaporization, edibles, oils, tinctures and dabs.

Even more options are emerging. The cannabis industry has evolved beyond simply eliminating the risks associated with smoking or solving the issue of inconsistent dosing in edibles to address more complex problems like the degradation of certain molecules during extraction, activation or infusion processes.

How can patients obtain the complete spectrum of medical properties the cannabis plant has to offer? How can the cannabinoids in cannabis be activated without degrading original strain profiles?

The questions above are behind Harvest Direct Enterprises, a company focused on the investigation of lossless activation and infusion. In less than two years, the company’s co-founding brothers, Zeyead and Ahmed Gharib, have developed a device that solves the activation problem: the Lossless Activation Chamber Y, or LACY.

Lossless Activation

Unlike its peers, the LACY can

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