July 12, 2018

By Meg Bantle – Jul 12, 2018 Most people, even non-cannabis smokers, could pretty easily recognize two parts of the cannabis plant: the flower, or bud, that is dried and sold for consumption, and the fan shaped leaves that are often used in advertisements. An important aspect of turning the flower of the cannabis plant […]

US public opinion increasingly favors in support of both medical and recreational use of marijuana. As of July 2018, 30 states allow legal medical marijuana programs and 9 states permit recreational adult use of marijuana. It is no secret that cannabis products are gaining popularity with the legalization movement of cannabis in the United States […]

As legalized weed booms and inequality in the industry persists, it’s on 420-friendly consumers to investigate what they’re eating (or smoking, or vaping, or dabbing). We can all feel it: pretty soon, recreational weed is going to be legal across the country. At this point, 61% of Americans think legalization is a good idea, with […]

CLOSE Lotus Health LLC is currently preparing patients to receive medical marijuana when it becomes available for use. Albert Cesare, acesare@enquirer.com Buy Photo Lotus Health LLC partners, from left, Michael Spivak, Nurse Practitioner, Tearea Roland, Nurse Practitioner, and Dr. Naila Goldenberg, Endocrinologist, stand inside the Lotus Health LLC on June 26, 2018, in Mason. (Photo: […]

Earlier this year, Benzinga published an article looking into ways of consuming cannabis that didn’t involve smoking. such as vaporization, edibles, oils, tinctures and dabs. Even more options are emerging. The cannabis industry has evolved beyond simply eliminating the risks associated with smoking or solving the issue of inconsistent dosing in edibles to address more […]