AEssenseGrows to Showcase Precision Aeroponics System at NCIA’s Annual Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

“This conference offers a great opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs to learn how they can use the latest technology and agriculture science to succeed in this highly competitive new market,” said Phil Gibson, vice president of marketing at AEssenseGrows. “Using our high-yield accelerated-growth technology, our customers are seeing their cost of production below $100 a pound, and we plan to drive it lower.”

The NCIA conference runs July 25-27 at the San Jose Convention Center. AEssenseGrows will be at booth 108.

AEssenseGrows systems deliver sensor-driven automation to enhance the inherent benefits of aeroponics. Ackrell Capital selected AEssenseGrows as one of the firm’s Top 100 Private Cannabis Companies for 2018.

The company’s Guardian Grow Manager central management software monitors 24/7 grow conditions and, if necessary, automatically adjusts ingredients in the lighting, nutrition, and grow environment to help ensure optimal conditions. At the NCIA event, the company will showcase its new 72-tray

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