Netflix’s ‘Cooking On High’ Does Food Right, But Gets Just About Everything Else Wrong

Netflix takes another swing at cannabis programing with their recent competitive cooking show Cooking on High. And if you were hopeful that the move from Stoner Comedy to medicated cuisine would see Netflix elevate their weed-centric content, you’re going to be disappointed.

Cooking on High is ostensibly a competitive cooking reality show a la popular programs such as ‘Chopped’ and ‘Master Chef.’ In each episode, two chefs are brought in to battle it out in the kitchen to impress the judges and take home the prize. They must face down a 30-minute time limit, and their final dish must comply with the episode’s given theme, such as “Afternoon Delight” (lunch foods) and “Mexi-Cannabis” (Mexican inspired cuisine). And of course, the food must get you high.

Yet despite the title, there is very little cooking happening on ‘Cooking on High.’ Instead the show focuses largely on the rotating cast of comedians and hip-hop artists brought

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