Hershey Wants To Satisfy Your Marijuana Munchies

Hershey Canada wants to be top of mind next time you get the marijuana munchies. The prolific candy-bar company is set to release the new ‘Oh Henry! 4:25’ – the candy-bar for 5 minutes after your 4:20 session.

While Hershey has yet to reveal any plans to produce any stoney versions of their signature candy-bars, they’re using a different approach to entering the cannabis industry. Last April, Hershey revealed their new Oh Henry! 4:25 with a release date of Summer 2018. The bar is a modified version of the classic Oh Henry! that forgoes the chocolate coating and doubles down on caramel and peanuts, presumably to make the bar heartier.

In an interview with CityNews, Hershey Senior Marketing Manager Mathieu Gamache revealed that the company isn’t worried that the marketing campaign will turn off existing customers because the new bar “isn’t about the consumption [of cannabis] per se, we’re

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