TV’s First Competitive Cannabis Cooking Show Premieres On Netflix

Cooking On High, the world’s first competitive weed cooking show premiered today on Netflix, but should you settle in with a few grams and binge it this weekend?

Here’s the scene: two professional chefs have 30 minutes to make a weed-infused meal so delicious, they win the “golden pot” (literally a cooking pot that may be spray painted gold). Who takes home this lackluster prize is up to two “celebrity” judges, but I can guarantee you’ve never heard of any of these so-called “stars.” The competitive cook-off is hosted by Josh Leyva, but it’s comedian and cannabis educator Ngaio Bealum who really holds the show together with his cannabis facts.

Episodes of Cooking On High are just under 15 minutes each, but unlike other network cooking shows, these chefs only cook one meal and are judged on that alone. That’s probably best considering how baked the judges seem to get

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